Moving Is So Stressful Here Are Some Easy Tips To Follow

Dated: 09/10/2018

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Moving Can be stressful so here are a few tips to help!

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1. Plan your move. Always good if you can plan your move, have some notice and can schedule things in advance.

2. Clean and Declutter. This is a great time to get rid of, donate as your packing. Clean your Appliances and drawers as you go so you have less do later.

3. Make a list. This is a big one, and add to it. Things like cancel this add that. Change of address, call Credit cards, Change Bank address!

4. Packing list. Some people use a marker and tape this is just fine also, just be clear with what your doing and label everything. upstairs, downstairs even can color code things!

5. Hire a moving company. These days I can't stress enough about your moving day. Who shows and who doesn't to help! For a few extra $$ you can add extra money at moving there a great resource! 2 extra men for a 3-4 bed house for 3 hours is good!

6. Purchase Moving Supplies/Get Boxes. You will need packing tape, newspaper and BOXES... time to start to pick these things up! You can usually get Boxes free, but the rest you will have to purchase! Do not skimp on TAPE!

Any Questions we are always here to help💁 you!

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