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Some Ways you are THROWING 💰MONEY away!

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1. Paying Bank Fees
2. Paying Credit Card Interest
3. Utility Waste
4. Not Redeeming Gift Cards
5. Letting Groupons/Coupons EXPIRE
6. Impulse Shopping
7. Not Returning Unwanted Items
8. Pricey Cell Phone Bills
9. Throwing Away Leftovers
10. Eating out too often

Try to avoid (1) or several of these you could save some
🚩BIG money!!
We want you to SAVE MONEY! Be Aware and we are here for you

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Saving you money is what we like to do! Always here to help!

As Always we are here for you!

Ann Norton 330-412-9799

Josh Twitchell 330-412-7413

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